Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted to become a pilot

Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted to become a pilot.

Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted to become a pilot

Since there is no guide for this, they have done B.Sc. Admission to

Later in the year, they learned that to become a pilot, aeronautical engineering in engineering had to be admitted! They felt like they wasted three years of their lives without a guide! .. cried so much...
Later, he graduated from Aeromedical Engineer. Only eight boys from all over India could get this degree that year! At that time, only Air India had to fill the pilot seats! That year they had to fill seven seats! .Arge Eight! .. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Topper! ..
Interviewed and selected!

Dr. All candidates got jobs except Kalam!
Dr. The selection committee rejected Kalam's decision that he was "high"! ..Dr. Kalam is very frustrated! Ramakrishna went to the Haridwar monastery, depressed because of his childhood in the monastery ..Swamiji said, "Why are you depressed? .. If you fail in the confluence of life, it does not mean that you can not become a dutiful and successful man!

Dr. Kalam returned to Delhi to go home! ..The next day, in the paper, it was announced that "aeronautical engineer" should be, who is Vikram Sarabhai!The same eight candidates to Interview again! ..One place! This time, however, Kalam was selected! Went to the job the next day, saying, "Tell me where to take the plane?" ..Vikram Sarabhai said, "You do not have a plane .. And I am sure you can make this aircraft!" ..You know the next history! So friends! If you can not achieve the desired goal in life, Dr. Don't miss this occasion in the life of APJ Abdul Kalam Sir!

Maybe you are the future Kalam Sir of India! ..

"You have failed in life, though
          Don't be discouraged though
         F.A.I.L. The meaning of
    First Attempt In Learning
          That's it .. !!

          Never attempt
             There is no end
           E.N.D. The meaning of
      Efforts Never Dead
          Like this .. !!

From anyone in life
         Despite the denial
          Don't be alarmed
          N.O. I mean
     Next Opportunity
 So always be optimistic
Let's keep moving forward in life...

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